Monday was payday for some, so it’s fitting that this week we give you some tips on how to slay payday and make it stretch.

“People are more anxious to improve their circumstances but are unwilling to improve themselves. Eventually I found out that you don’t attract what you want but you attract who you are.”- @future_ceos. You want to be a boss? You have got to start acting like one! Learn the ins and outs of the economy that affects your money, learn more about how you can grow your wealth and just work on how to improve your personal financial skills because that goes hand in hand with improving the quality of your future. So this means getting rid of some habits and developing better ones. Lucky you, that’s what I’m here for. So we’re gonna discuss a few habits that can be easily instilled into your everyday schedule that will help you work your money with efficiency starting today!

1. Meal plan + grocery list

Planning your meals proves to not only healthier  but it’s also cost effective. It helps you watch what you eat and with our printable will help you do your groceries with more discipline. The aim should be to only buy what is on the list and give yourself an exception of 8 items that you can buy  that aren’t on the list, 2 for each week. These unplanned items can serve as a reward at the end of the week for when you do stick to budget for the week. Don’t forget to add these on to your spending trackers. With Vat increasing to 15% you need to very vigilant of the items you purchase, you need to keep an eye on wether they are worthy to be in your budget or not. Check out our poster to see how to calculate the difference between the last VAT percentage and the new increase for 2018.

2.Make use of promotions and loyalty programs

Instead of collecting tons and tons of promotional papers to see which stores have promotions and when, you should rather download the Promoza app, Promoza is a new and innovative platform for advertising. It is developed to provide product end users with a quick and easy way to search for the best prices on goods and services that they want.

Be wary of the specials you purchase don’t buy things you don’t need just because they are cheap.
Below is a list of Loyalty programs that can be found in South Africa

1. Dischem benefits
2. Discovery vitality
3. Momentum multiply
4. FNB eBucks Program
5. Pick n pay smart shopper
6. Clicks clubCard
7. SAA Voyager
8. Total, BP, Engen & Shell
9. Absa Rewards
10. Edcon ThankU

TIP: Swipe your loyalty program cards throughout the year and only redeem your points  in December during festive season

3. Pack lunch to work
Buying a drink and a sandwich for lunch to work costs about R60 per day which turns into R1200 per month. Starting off gradually by bringing lunch to work 50% of the time ( you could save R600- imagine what you would do  with an additional R600) and slowly working towards 100% of the time.

These 3 steps can save you a lot of money and additionally keep you much healthier. The two things we should all be aiming for seeing as the festive season is upon us. Working  on having more spare change and toned figures is what we should all have on the memo! That’s it for this week, see you again next week! Don’t forget to follow our pages
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