ADULTING 101: Mixing money and friends.

If you and your friends can spend hours talking about clubs, love life, and other thing. Sparing a few minutes or so to discuss money matters shouldn’t be hard! The more you talk about it the more you can help each other deal with it. Below are a few but essential “money matters” discussions to get you started.


  1. Going out on a budget

Finding financially beneficial activities, shops, apps etc. Living and growing in your city alone is already hard enough but you don’t have to do it alone. Sharing info on how to make your money longer with your friends can actually help you guys grow more responsibly together.

Having fun and enjoying your youth can be done responsibly. Having a general budget for the night out as a squad and discussing how much everyone is willing and able to contribute are the type of the conversations you should be having. These conversations should be open and honest. Here are a few suggestion to break the ice

  • “Let’s try contributing R300 for drinks tonight at the club and that’s all we’ll be spending at the club tonight to avoid over spending”
  • “Hey I’m saving up to fix my car this month so I can’t go out with you guys this time, sorry”
  • “I’m running low on cash can we do something cheaper than lunch in be Sandton, maybe a picnic?”


I’m sure you’ll be met with relief rather disappointment. There’s zero shame in being on a budget so you can improve other factors of your life but there’s shame in lying to your friends so you don’t seem broke/cheap or constantly overspending and then resenting yourself for it.


  1. Money and Love


There’s more to discuss with your friends about your relationship other than the sex life and fights, we also need to discuss financial health of our relationships. Financially unhappy and imbalanced relationships lead to weird dynamics that are pretty strenuous to a relationship. Getting advice from your friends can help you view the whole situation from a different perspective.

Asking Questions like “Is this normal” “Should I be expecting this type behavior” etc.   Can help you gain knowledge from peoples different experiences.  We’ll delve deeper into this conversation next week

  1. Money and Work

Financial elements about career and growth are essential. Getting a new job, getting a raise, share strategies etc. The more you inform each other the less ignorant you are to alternative methods in dealing with financial situation about work and businesses whether it’s good or bad. There’s a miscommunication that talking about money is bragging, but it’s not. If you’re helping and informing each other there is absolutely then only good can come from it.


There’s obviously plenty of financial topics to discuss with your friends but this is a good start. Remember there’s nothing worse than remaining silent when it comes to money because that’s when you remain ignorant and stressed. Once you get over the fear of talking money with your friends it’ll seem just as natural as talking about anything else.





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