ADULTING 101: How to prepare for Black Friday 2018

Cellphones? Laptops? Clothes? Have you started preparing for Black Friday? You don’t have to run around like a headless chicken when the day comes because we are here to help you. To make sure you can take full advantage of Black Friday check out our story on IG (@Promozasa) Below are the short and simple steps to help you prepare for the BIG day.


  1. Make a wish list


Making a wish list creates a direction for your day and your money. Instead of getting there without a wish list and buying what you find there (which can result in a lot of unnecessarily spent money) wish lists


  1. Have a budget or savings plan

Having a budget helps you navigate and know what you can and cannot get on your wish list. We have different types of budgets and savings plans FREE and accessible to all our readers and followers. You can get yours by commenting on any of our #FinancialFridays posts on twitter (@Promoza1) , don’t forget to use the hashtag and your email address. We also have a specifically designed thermometer savings plan specifically for Black Friday. You can get that on our latest post.

  1. Collect Reference Pricing

Once you’ve made your list and you’ve set your budget start collecting reference prices for what you want to buy. Reference pricing can be prices of the item from different stores & past Black Friday specials on similar items. Just so you can have an idea on how much you’ll have to spend on different the different items on your wishlist.

Eg. If you want a phone check how much it is in October and early November write out reference list. So when it’s Black Friday you will not fall for the drop from R2000 to R1500 “Amazing price decrease” trick.


  1. List all the stores you want to check out

Keep an eye out for deliveries, instead of going to stores a lot of our big retailers have cool delivery and take out plans for the big day! Keep an eye out for delivery times and dates. All shops get a lot of orders on the day, if you’re buying items for a holiday, a birthday or Christmas. Make sure delivery will be before the date you’ll need it. Check sales dates for different stores too, some sales start on Monday and may run for several days. Doing your research is an essential step for preparing Black Friday.


Don’t buy cellphone, TV’s, PlayStation because whatever specials are available in October and early November. They will be outdone by the Black Friday specials that are soon to come. So hold on to your money and fill in the thermometer savings plan.

Thank you for joining us again! See you again next week for another episode of #FinancialFridays


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