Money and dating in your 20s


Talking money with anyone is sensitive on its own, doing it with your partner can be nerve wrecking. It really doesn’t have to though, taking your relationship to the next level and planning for your future together as a team can actually be fun and help you grow as a unit.

Creating a non-judgment zone where the honest about our past financial habits are not looked down but acknowledged as part of your story of who you used to be before you both went on the financial control journey together. Below are the talking point to help you get started.

  1. What does money represent in each of your lives

Start the discussion with the differences in which you were both raised with money, how you value money and how you spend money. By taking turns in asking 1. What is really important to you? 2. What is the purpose of money in your life? 3. What does money mean to you? The other partners duty is to listen, clarify and no interruptions. You should each end with at least 5 values each.

  1. Life Goals

Over here we’re being more specific about the things we would like to be, have or do with relation to our values. Sometime our goals will not require financial resources, so differentiating between those do need and don’t need is important for our next stop. So teaming up the values with goals we have for each other

  1. Monthly Budget

Our first step focused on values and then we moved on to goals because life should never just be about the money. Money is just a resources to help you get what you want out life. It’s time to list your income, expenses, assets and liabilities. We made it easier for you by providing with a FREE monthly budget printable. (Comment with your email address on our latest Instagram post)


TIP: Besides reducing expenses also look for way to increase income.


You should have answered the following:

  • Financially, where are we right now?
  • Financially, where do we want to go?
  • Where do we fit these goals into our budgets?
  • What do we have to do to stay on track?


  1. Contingency Plans for your relationship

A future event or circumstance which is possible but cannot be predicted with certainty such as illness, severe injuries, loss of employment, unexpected pregnancy even death. Doing your research on alternative plans and ways to contribute to those funds is important. Talk to your partner, employer and/or insurance and banking facilities.

  1. Sex & Family planning

Financially prioritizing the direction you and your partner agreed on going is important. Whether you’re planning on growing your 2 man squad soon. Purchasing goods and services that can be prevented or promote reproduction. Adding a baby to the mix completely changes up your financial plan & future so this is a very important topic.


Starting off with these 5 topics can open a flood gate of money talks to many other things you and your partner can tackle as a team. Join us again next week!!


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